About Me

Council Estate. Plantain. Big Red Busses. If I had to sum up my background in three phrases these would summarise it. I am a South Londoner through and through. My grandparents came to England between 1950s-1960s; both my parents were born here, making me third generation Jamaican. Currently, I spend most of my time working as a doctoral researcher and lecturer at the University of Brighton (School of Applied Social Sciences). More about my research can be found on my Research page. I grew up all over South London (Croydon, Streatham, Brixton etc) but I lived on Brandon Estate in Camberwell/Kennington for most of my life with my maternal Grandmother. Brandon Estate has experienced a high number of knife related injuries and deaths. I’ve had two people I was close to (a colleague and a family member) stabbed and killed in Camberwell. Both of these events had a profound impact on my life.

At the tender age of 13, I began working with and alongside young people at Lambeth Youth Council, this gave me a sense of purpose. I was having input in local policy change and championing Youth Empowerment. I did my Train the Trainer qualification and I became the co-chair of the Lambeth Youth Opportunities Fund at 16. I would prepare, deliver and facilitate training sessions with young people, councillors and MPs. Honestly, taking on these leadership roles at such a young age really helped develop my strongest skills (active listening, public speaking, organisation, facilitation, communication etc).

Over the years I’ve been involved in the creation and development of many projects which have all centred around improving the voice of underrepresented groups. I am genuinely passionate about this area and will always go the extra mile to support others.

There are two main purposes of this website:

  1. Share my ideas, thoughts, feelings and experiences
  2. Connect with and inspire others

I see myself as a reflective individual who is open to learning and hearing different perspectives on issues; with this in mind, please don’t see this website as a static entity. My opinions, views and thoughts on something might change as I learn, debate and engage with it more.

Professional or personal?

Throughout my PhD journey, I am realising that your professional and personal life can begin to entwine in an interesting and at times momentous way. Many PhD candidates have stated that doing a PhD is a process of self discovery, and over a quarter way through my second year, I am inclined to agree with them. This website, is a blend of both – my professional life as an academic researcher and my personal life. I will be drawing from experiences that connect to both, because, ultimately both aspects are moulding who I am in this very moment and impacting my life choices.

I will be sharing content related to:

  • My PhD research area;
  • Other academic roles I occupy, including lecturing, committees and networks I engage with and research projects
  • My personal experience as an doctoral researcher who has low mood, anxiety, dyslexia and dyspraxia;
  • Initiatives, hobbies and extra-curricular and work projects I do outside of my academic roles.
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